How to see Prof. Willow to get tips again

Players may want to hear tips from Professor Willow again. This page shows how to call and meet with the professor.
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update 23/08/2016

Prof. Willow gives you tips when you see an object, such as PokeStops and gyms, on the map first time. Since he does not show up after that, players may want to know where to see him again. Here is how to call the professor to learn tips he gave us again.

1. Tap the Pokeball-shaped icon

Tam the Pokeball-shaped icon at the bottom center of the screen first.

2. Tap 'Tips' icon

Tap tips icon below the setting icon at the top right corner of the menu display.

3. Professor Willow shows up!!

The professor appears to tell you some tips again. He simply repeats what he had already told you when you find objects first time.

4. Tap the screen to move to next

By tapping the screen, you can go to a next tip.

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