How to use 'PokeLevel'

PokeLevel, a tool developed by third party, helps a player to effectively do Pidgey marathon, the fastest way to gain XP.
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Pokelevel, a tool developed by third-party, helps a player see how many minutes and how many candies are needed to evolve a Pokemon by entering the Pokemon and stocked candy.

PokeLevel & Pidgey marathon

In Pokemon Go, trainer level is the most important. A trainer gains XP (experience points), to increase trainer level, by capturing Pokemon, visiting PokeStops, and training in/challenging gyms. As trainer level increases, Pokemon's max CP becomes higher. To grow stocked Pokemon stronger with higher CP, increasing trainer level is essential.

To increase trainer level faster, evolving Pidgey with the effect of Lucky Egg is the best, and the way is called Pidgey Marathon. Since Pidgey is easy to capture and to evolve at 12 candies, a player can gain 500XP bonus for Pokemon evolution many times while the effect of Lucky Egg is valid.

By using PokeLevel, a player can see how many minutes for Pidgey Marathon is needed and how much XP can be gained.

How to use PokeLevel

Filter by Candy


There are icons of Pokemon and the number of candy to evolve Pokemon on the screen. By tapping 12, Pokemons need 12 candies to evolve are displayed.


By tapping 25, Pokemons need 25 candies to evolve are displayed.


By tapping 50, Pokemons need 50 candies to evolve are displayed.


By tapping 100, Pokemons need 100 candies to evolve are displayed.


By tapping 400, Pokemons need 400 candies to evolve are displayed.


Multiple filters can be selected at once.

Entering the number of stocked candies & Pokemon

Example of Caterpie


By entering the number of stocked Caterpie candies and Caterpies, the number of evolutions, how many minutes it takes, and gained XP (doubled by the effect of Lucky Egg) are displayed at the bottom of the screen.


The effect of Lucky Egg continues 30 minutes, and 6 minutes is 20% of that time.

Example of Pidgey


PokeLevel tells a player how many Pidgey should be transferred to obtain candies for optimal number of evolution. By using 403 Pidgey candies, 33 Pidgey can evolve. By transferring 33 Pidgeotto (evolved from Pidgey) to Prof. Willow, 3 more Pidgey can evolve with obtained candies. Additionally, transfering 5 of stocked 45 Pidgey at first to get 5 Pidgey candies, 37 evolution can be done.

Example of Rattata


When the gauge at the bottom shows 100 %, it indicates that the number of stocked candies and Pokemon is enough to utilize the effect of Lucky Egg effectively.

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