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5 things you should do when getting tired of Pokemon Go.
Some players have already gotten bored or tired of playing Pokemon Go. Here are 5 things you should do when Pokemon Go is boring.
What does your Eevee evolve into?
One of the reason it attracts Pokemon Go players is that Eevee has 3 different form of evolutions: Vaporen, Flareon, and Jolteo...
List of Medals and Requirements in Pokemon Go
The Medals and Requirements chars shows how you can unlock medals. We classified medals into 3 categories: walk-related, gym-re...
No more rerolling! How to get Pikachu as a starter
Check out how to reroll at Pokemon GO! Learn which pokemon you have to choose from three starters. Also learn how to obtain Pik...
Pidgey & Lucky Egg: The Fastest Way to Gain XP
The fastest way to level up in Pokemon Go is the method using Pidgey & Lucky Egg, called Pidgey Marathon in Japan. You can ...
Complete beginner's guide [Pokemon Go]
Here are 8 things you need to know in the beginning of Pokemon Go.
How to use PokeVision to track Pokemon [Pokemon Go]
PokeVision is an online map tool showing wild Pokemon location. You can see what Pokemon you can find around of you.
How to discard 2km eggs
Here is an answer to the question: Is there a way to remove 2km eggs hatching into lower rarity Pokemon?
What is favorite star in Pokemon Go?
You can add favorite star to Pokemon, but what does the star exactly mean? It prevents transferring favorite Pokemon mistakenly...
List of Pokemon by catch rate in Pokemon Go
This page shows the list of Pokemon by catch rate in Pokemon Go.


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