The Best 10 Pokemon to Win Gym Battles

This page notes the best 5 Pokemon to win gym battles in Pokemon Go. Which one is your favorite?
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update 23/08/2016

Which Pokemon is the Best for Gym Battles?

Beating gyms are important for gaining XP and PokeCoins faster. You will want to bring the most power Pokemons to win. Here is the ranking based on our evaluation criteria.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria currently includes the followings.

  • The highest possible CP & HP
  • Moves (DPS, EPS, and STAB)

This criteria does not include how easy the Pokemon is to be caught. In Pokemon Go, you have to capture same kind of Pokemon to power up the Pokemon by using candy. Therefore, how easy the Pokemon is to be trained is connected to capture easiness.

The 10 Most Powerful Pokemons


Best moveset

Fast move Charge move
Dragon Breath Dragon Claw

Very High Max CP

Dragonite is one of the Pokemon can have higher CP value. Additionally, its both standard attack and special moves has higher power. HP is also better than other Pokemons. Dragonite can beat mostly another Pokemon.

Type Effectiveness

In Pokemon Go, there are a few Pokemon with types effective against Dragonite: Ice-, Fairy-, or Dragon-type. So, Dragonite encounters Pokemon with effective against it fewer times relative to other Pokemons.


Best moveset

Fast move Charge move
Lick Body Slam

Very high stamina

Snorlax's max HP can be very high due to its higher stamina base stats. It rarely lose a battle with Pokemon with same extent CP.

Useful moves

Since Snorlax's moves are normal-type, these are not super effective against all Pokemon. On the other hand, the damage of norma-type moves are hardly cut off because only rock-, steel-, and ghost-types are strong against normal-type.


Best moveset

Fast move Charge move
Water Gun Hydro Pump

The Most Powerful Water-type Move

Vaporeon has Water Gun and Aqua Tail. These two moves are the best Water-type moves based on its power, energy charging, and energy consumption.

Very High HP

Vaporeon has high HP and can stay in a Gym battle longer.


Best moveset

Fast move Charge move
Frost Breath Blizzard

High power ice-type moves

Both fast move and charge move has higher DPS along all the ice-type moves. Blizzard is especially high power move.

Advantage over Dragonite

Dragonite, the most powerful Pokemon, is weak to ice-type moves, and its dragon-type moves cannot damage Lapras much.


Best moveset

Fast move Charge move
Fire Fang Fire Blast

Easy to power up & high CP

Arcanine's base stats is higher along all the Pokemon. It can win gym battles with only using fast move some times.

High power fire-type moves

The combination of Fire Fang and Fire Blast has the best attack performance. Additionally, since Arcanine's type matches with those moves, the power of moves is increased with STAB.


Best moveset

Fast move Charge move
Wing Attack Fire Blast

Type Effectiveness

Although Fire-type is weak against to Ground-type, Charizard is not weak against to Ground-type because of its dual types: Fire and Flying. So, Charizard has fewer weaknesses.

Effectiveness to Dragonite

Charizard can acquire Dragon-type charge attack: Dragon Claw. Dragonites is weak against to Dragon-type moves, so Charizard has an advantage.


Best moveset

Fast move Charge move
Vine Whip Solar Beam

The Highest CP in Grass-type Pokemon

Vanusaur has higher Max CP in Grass-type Pokemon. Additionally, its HP is high and it has advantage in durability.

Good Fast and Charge Moves

Venusaur's fast and charge moves, Razor Leaf and Petal Blizzard, are useful based on its power, speed, and energy consumption. Moreover, Grass-type moves are effective to Vaporeon, one of the everyone's favorite.


Best moveset

Fast move Charge move
Water Gun Hydro Pump

Best water-type moves

As well as Vaporen, Blastoise can use Water Gun and Hydro Pump, and those moves have higher DPS along all the moves. If opponents are fire-type Pokemon, Blastoise is easy to win gym battles.


Best moveset

Fast move Charge move
Dragon Breath Hydro Pump

Gyarados's fast moves are dragon- or dark-types. Those moves are super effective against dragon-, psychic-, and ghost-type Pokemon. That means Gyarados can have advantage over rather than fire- and ground-type Pokemon.


Best moveset

Fast move Charge move
Mud Shot Stone Edge

Very high DPS moves along all the moves

Mud Shot and Stone Edge are very high DPS moves along all the moves.

The Most Powerful Pokemon by Type

Here are the most powerful Pokemon by types. The evaluation is based on base stats. The link below shows the top 3 most powerful Pokemon for each type.

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