Charge Moves Ranking
This page notes the most powerful charge attacks (or special attacks) based on DPS (Damage Per Second) in Pokemon Go.
Fast move tier list based on DPS
This page notes the most powerful fast moves based on DPS (Damage Per Second) in Pokemon Go.
The 8 Best Pokemon in the Early Stage
This page shows the best 8 Pokemon to be used for winning gym battles in the early stage and the evaluation criteria.
Pokemon Go Max CP Ranking!!
This is the highest possible CP value ranking in Pokemon Go. Who has the highest max CP? How about the lowest CP?
The best moves for gym battles & defenses
Here are the best fast/charge moves for gym battle & defense mostly based on DPS. Catching Pokemon having those moves are i...
The 5 best Pokemon as defenders to hold gym longer
Here are the 5 best defenders in Pokemon Go. To keep gym longer and get reward, you should locate these Pokemon in your gym!
The 10 Pokemon you should power up
Here are 10 Pokemon recommended to power up as priority. Also best movesets for them are noted.
The Best 10 Pokemon to Win Gym Battles
This page notes the best 5 Pokemon to win gym battles in Pokemon Go. Which one is your favorite?
The 3 highest base stats Pokemon by types
Here are top 3 most powerful Pokemon for each type. The ranking is based on base stats (species stats).
Best attackers & movesets
Hear is the chart of the 30 most powerful combination of Pokemon and moveset based on total attack performance.


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