Pokeball Chart and How to Get Great/Ultra Ball

This page shows how to get Poke Ball, Great Ball, and Ultra Ball, and how to use them in Pokemon Go.
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update 23/08/2016

Pokeball Chart

Pokeballs in Pokemon Go

Ball Where to Get Unlock
Poke Ball
Poke Ball
PokeStops, Level-up Reward, Purchasable in the Shop --
Great Ball
Great Ball
PokeStops, Level-up Reward Level 12
Ultra Ball
Ultra Ball
Level-up Reward Level 20

Tips for Using Pokeballs

What is the Max CP of wild Pokemon Poke Balls are effective to?

The higher CP Wild Pokemon have, the harder they are to be captured. However, we could catch a Seaking with CP 800.

Poke Ball may be available for wild Pokemon with CP up to 1,000 approximately. If the CP of wild Pokemon is higher than 1,000, Creat Ball, Ultra Ball, or Razz Berry should be used to capture.

Increasing trainer level

Great Ball and Ultra Ball are reward for leveling up to 12 and 20. You can also get those from PokeStops after these are unlocked.

How to Get Pokeballs

Visiting PokeStop

You can get Poke Balls or rarer balls for free by spinning PokeStops.

Increase Trainer Level

Pokeballs are the reward for increasing trainer level. When your trainer level reaches to 12, Great Ball is unlocked and you get 20 Great Balls. When you trainer level gets to 20, you get 20 Ultra Balls.

Purchasing in the Shop

Poke Ball is purchasable in the shop. Great Ball and Ultra Ball are not purchasable currently in the shop.

The Price of Poke Ball in the Shop

Quantity Pokecoins
20 100
100 460
200 800

Which is the Best way to get Poke Balls?

Visiting PokeStops is the Best

There is no limit for visiting same PokeStops. PokeStops you have already visited (purple-colored) become available (blue-colored) 5 minutes later. That means you can get Poke Balls by every 5 minutes. Since you can get Poke Ball from PokeStops for free, you do not need to buy it in the shop.

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