Tips for Hatching Eggs in Pokemon Go

This article note how to hatch eggs faster and list of Pokemon you can get by hatching eggs.
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update 23/08/2016

Incubators: Infinite Use and Limtied Use

Incubators are needed to hatch a Pokemon egg. There are 2 kinds of incubators in Pokemon Go.

  • The Infinite Use Incubator

    You have an infinite-use incubator when you start the adventure. It can be used to hatch an egg as much as you want.
  • The Limted Use Incubator

    The temporary incubator can be used only 3 times. You can get this type of incubator by level up bonus and paying for it.

What You can Get by Hatching?

You can get the following 3 things by hatching an egg.

  • Pokemon
  • Stardust
  • Candy

1. Pokemon

You do not know what Pokemon you will get from the Pokemon Egg up to finishing hatching. Pokemon from each egg is assigned CP randomly.

2. Stardust and Candy

The amount of Stardust and Candy you can get by hatching Pokemon egg is much larger than that by capturing wild Pokemon. So, incubating and hatching are important for getting those items.

Tips for Hatching Pokemon Egg

Riding a Bicycle

The speed limit for hatching egg is 24km/h to prevent cheating such as driving a car. To earn hatch an egg faster, you need to do walking, running, or riding a bicycle.

Using temporary incubator for 10km eggs

Since you can hatch 3 eggs per limited-use incubator, you should place 10kem eggs in such incubators. That means the limited-use incubator works for 30km.

List of Pokemon from Eggs

There are 3 kinds of eggs: 2km (1.25 miles), 5km (3.1 miles), and 10km (6.3 miles). The longer the distance is, the rarer Pokemon shows up. Here is Pokemon hatching chart.

2km (1.25 miles) Eggs

5km (3.1 miles) Eggs

10km (6.3miles) Eggs

Pokemon Eggs Cracking and Jumping!



1. Hatching

When finishing the enough distance, you notice the egg is hatching.

2. Cracking

The Pokemon egg starts cracking.

3. Jumping Up

The Pokemon egg jump up! You do not know what Pokemon appears up to this point. What you can get!?

4. Pokemon Shows Up

Unfortunately, the Pokemon Egg hatched into Caterpie. It is not a rare Pokemon, but you done hatching the egg! Good Job!

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