[8/8 update] The Nearby & Sightings system
Due to the recent udpate on August 8, some of players can use the nearby system and newly introduced sightings function in Poke...
[Video] Exeggutor beats Slowbro
1806 CP Exeggutor defeats a gym defender, 1168 CP Slowbro. Here are the video and the description.
[Video] Lapras beats Dragonite
1516 CP Lapras defeats 1988 CP Dragonite. Here are the video shows the battle between Lapras and Dragonite and the description ...
[Video] Golduck and Vaporeon beats Snorlax
Golduck and Vaporen defeats Snorlax. Here are the video shows the battle the description of it.
[Video]  A 1976 CP Arcanine is beaten by a Vaporeon and a Golduck
A 954 CP Vaporeon and a 786 CP Golduck defeats 1976 CP Arcanine in the video. Here are the video and the description.
[Video] Ditto defeats Magmar, Gyarados, and Arcanine
Even though no information is officially announced, the video showing Ditto in a gym battle is uploaded to YouTube. The Ditto d...
[Video] Golduck fights against a Flareon
The Golduck defeats the Flareon by shooting Water Gun continuously.
[Video] Starmie beats Hypno, Flareon, and Gyarados
The 1,210 CP Starmie tries to defeat the three defenders: a Hypno, a Flareon, and a Gyarados.
[Video] Gyarados is the best to beat Dragonite
Gyarados can use dragon-type moves despite its a water- and flying-type Pokemon. Those moves are super effective against Dragon...
[Video] Charizard and Vaporen beats 1599 CP Snorlax
A Charizard & 2 Vaporens beat a 1599CP Snorlax, which use 'Lick' and 'Earthquake'.


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I got a million Pikachu they are basically useless but they have cool hats and wrestler one and m...
There is no wild Mewtwo and Mew spawns
Thank you for all the time you took doing this :)
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