[8/8 update] The Nearby & Sightings system
Due to the recent udpate on August 8, some of players can use the nearby system and newly introduced sightings function in Poke...
[Video] Exeggutor beats Slowbro
1806 CP Exeggutor defeats a gym defender, 1168 CP Slowbro. Here are the video and the description.
[Video] Lapras beats Dragonite
1516 CP Lapras defeats 1988 CP Dragonite. Here are the video shows the battle between Lapras and Dragonite and the description ...
[Video] Golduck and Vaporeon beats Snorlax
Golduck and Vaporen defeats Snorlax. Here are the video shows the battle the description of it.
[Video]  A 1976 CP Arcanine is beaten by a Vaporeon and a Golduck
A 954 CP Vaporeon and a 786 CP Golduck defeats 1976 CP Arcanine in the video. Here are the video and the description.
[Video] Ditto defeats Magmar, Gyarados, and Arcanine
Even though no information is officially announced, the video showing Ditto in a gym battle is uploaded to YouTube. The Ditto d...
[Video] Golduck fights against a Flareon
The Golduck defeats the Flareon by shooting Water Gun continuously.
[Video] Starmie beats Hypno, Flareon, and Gyarados
The 1,210 CP Starmie tries to defeat the three defenders: a Hypno, a Flareon, and a Gyarados.
[Video] Gyarados is the best to beat Dragonite
Gyarados can use dragon-type moves despite its a water- and flying-type Pokemon. Those moves are super effective against Dragon...
[Video] Charizard and Vaporen beats 1599 CP Snorlax
A Charizard & 2 Vaporens beat a 1599CP Snorlax, which use 'Lick' and 'Earthquake'.


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