[Video] Exeggutor beats Slowbro

1806 CP Exeggutor defeats a gym defender, 1168 CP Slowbro. Here are the video and the description.
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update 18/08/2016

Exeggutor vs Slowbro

The video shows the battle between 1806 CP Exeggutor and 1186 CP Slowbro. Here are the video and the description of it.

Attacker: 1806 CP Exeggutor

The CP of the attacker, Exeggutor, is 1806. Its fast move is Zen Headbutt and charge move is Solar Beam.

Fast move Charge move
Zen Headbutt Solar Beam

Defender: 1168 CP Slowbro

The CP of the defender, Slowbro, is 1168. Its fast move is Water Gun and charge move is Water Pulse.

Fast move Charge move
Water Gun Water Pulse



The Slowbro uses Water Gun, a water-type fast move, but the move is not very effective against the Exeggutor.


The Exeggutor's fast move is Zen Head Butt. Since the move is a psychic-type, the Slowbro reduces the damage of the move.


Once the required energy is charged, the Slowbro uses Water Pulse. However, the Exeggutor cut the damage of the move.


The Exeggutor is in the lead due to its higher CP than that of the defender, Slowbro. Finally, the exeggutor uses Solar Beam, a grass-type charge move, as a decisive brow that defeats the defender.

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