How to Raise CP

This page notes what CP is, how to raise CP, and how to check CP of an individual Pokemon.
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update 23/08/2016

What is CP?

Measure of How Strong the Pokemon Is

Combat Power (CP) indicates how well individual Pokemon perform in battle. In Pokemon Go, there is no stats or abilities such as the Attack stat and the Defense stat (These are hidden values known as base stats, and CP is decided based on those values). Unlike other Pokemon game series, each Pokemon has only CP and Hit Points(HP). The higher the CP value of individual Pokemon, the more powerful the Pokemon is.

Catching Wild Pokemon with Higher CP

When you find wild Pokemon, the CP value appears above the Pokemon. They are assigned the different CP value. For example, if you encounter two Zubats, they may not have the same CP. TO raise Pokemon faster, you want to capture Pokemon with the higher CP value.

Trainer Level and CP

As your trainer levels up, the CP value each Pokemon can have increases. That means your trainer levels is important for growing the Pokemon.

How to Raise CP

Stardust and Candy

  • Using Stardust and Candy to Power Up

    To increase the CP and HP value of Pokemon, powering up Pokemon using Stardust and Candy is required. You can get these by capturing Pokemon, hatching Eggs, or transferring Pokemon to Professor Willow. Candy is specific to each Pokemon and its first- and second- evolution Pokemon. To acquire candy for the Pokemon you want to grow, catching same Pokemon as much as you can is essential.
  • Using Candy to Evolve.

    Evolving allows the Pokemon to have the much more CP value. Evolution requires a lot of candies relative to the number needed to power up.

How to Check CP

Current CP

The CP value shown above the Pokemon is current CP. You may compare the value during battle to see how strong the Pokemon is relative to another Pokemon.

The CP Gauge

The arch surrounding the Pokemon indicates the current maximum CP it can have. The white part stands for the CP value the Pokemon actually have now.

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