Beginner's guide

Things you should know and tips for enjoying Pokemon Go!

Complete guide to the map view display
Here is a complete guide to the map view display, showing how to see the map. It explains what each object is and shows other a...
5 things you should do when getting tired of Pokemon Go.
Some players have already gotten bored or tired of playing Pokemon Go. Here are 5 things you should do when Pokemon Go is boring.
Advanced Tips for Catching Pokemon
Here are tips for catching Pokemon, such as how to use items and to gain more XP. Let’s get them all!
How to Raise CP
This page notes what CP is, how to raise CP, and how to check CP of an individual Pokemon.
Tips for Hatching Eggs in Pokemon Go
This article note how to hatch eggs faster and list of Pokemon you can get by hatching eggs.
List of Medals and Requirements in Pokemon Go
The Medals and Requirements chars shows how you can unlock medals. We classified medals into 3 categories: walk-related, gym-re...
No more rerolling! How to get Pikachu as a starter
Check out how to reroll at Pokemon GO! Learn which pokemon you have to choose from three starters. Also learn how to obtain Pik...
List of Items and Bag/Pokemon Storage Upgrade
This page shows item chart, how to use each items, and the amount of PokeCoins you need to pay for in Pokemon Go.
Tips for using Stardust & Candy in Pokemon Go
This page is about tips for using Stardust & Candy to power up and evolve Pokemon, and where to find them.
Tips for Winning Gym Battles in Pokemon Go
This Pokemon Go gym battle guide shows how to prepare to head into gym battles, tips for winning, 5 things you need to know, an...


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usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that never top myself to say ...
I got a million Pikachu they are basically useless but they have cool hats and wrestler one and m...
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