Complete guide to the map view display

Here is a complete guide to the map view display, showing how to see the map. It explains what each object is and shows other articles related to those objects.
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update 02/08/2016

How to see the map view display

1. Pokestop

You can get items, such as Potion and Pokeball, from PokeStops. The location of PokeStops is connected to objects in the real world.

2. Gym

There are 2 type of gyms: rival gyms and friendly gyms. Rival gyms are owned by rival team, and you can take over those gyms by winning gym battles. Friendly gyms are owned by a team you joined to. You can do 'training' in friendly gyms to increase the gym's prestige.

Additionally, you can have your own gym. By defense your gym longer, you can earn PokeCoins.

3. Pink blossoms

Pink flowers can be seen around certain PokeStops showing the PokeStop installed Lure Module. While the effect of Lure Module continuing, PokeStops release pink leaves.

4. Green leaves

Green leaves were used to show a location Pokemon shows up. However, this function is removed due to update on July 31th.

5. Pink circle

If you used the incense, the item attracting wild Pokemon to you, pink circle is displayed on the map.

How to control map view with one hand

You can change the map view one handed.

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