Advanced Tips for Catching Pokemon

Here are tips for catching Pokemon, such as how to use items and to gain more XP. Let’s get them all!
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update 23/08/2016

Basic Capture Advice

CP and Chances of Catching

The Pokemon with higher Combat Power (CP) is more difficult to capture. First- or second-evolution Pokemon tend to have higher CP. To catch such Pokemons successfully, you may use items and additional Poke balls with higher tier

Colored Circles and Chances of Catching

When you tap and hold the Poke ball, colored circles appear around the Pokemon. This colored circle will be either green, yellow, orange or red, and those colors tell you how difficult the Pokemon is to capture:

Color of Circle
Green Easy
Yellow Slightly difficult
Orange Moderately difficult
Red Difficult

No Time Limit to Capture

In Pokemon Go, the Pokemon does not escape suddenly. The Pokemon does not take any actions until you toss Poke balls or use items.

Tips for Catching Pokemon


  • Incense and Lure Module to Attract Wild Pokemon
  • Razz Berry to Increase Capture Rate
  • Using Great Ball or Other Better Balls
  • Switching Off AR

Incense and Lure Module to Attract Wild Pokemon

You need to find a lot of Pokemon to increase capture rate. Incense and Lure Module help you see many Pokemon by attracting Pokemon to your location or to a PokeStop.

Throwing Razz Berry to a Pokemon

When you find Pokemon with higher CP or legendary Pokemon, throw a Razz Berry to them. The capture rate for the next Poke Ball gets higher. Razz Berry is unlocked at trainer level 8.

Using Great Ball or Other Better Balls

You may use Great balls or better Poke balls to have a higher chance of capture. As same as normal Poke Ball, these better ball types can be used in combination with Razz Berry.

Switching Off AR

Turning off AR is a simple but the best way to make tossing Poke balls easier. This stabilize the Pokemon in the center of the screen, and make easier to throw Poke balls at them.

Gain More XP by ‘Excelent’ Throw!

Bonuses for Skillfullly Throwing

If Poke Balls hit in the colored circle to capture Pokemon, you can gain bonus Experience Points(XP). The bonuses vary from Nice to Excellent based on the size of the circle, with the bonus XP increasing as the circle shrinks.

Capture Bonuses and XP Gained

Capture Bonus Experience Points Gained
Excellent 100XP
Great 50XP
Nice 10XP
Curve Ball 10XP
Catching Pokemon 100XP
Catching New Pokemon 500XP

Spinning Pokeball and Curve Ball

By spinning the Poke ball before you throw it, you can add a curve to it. Using Curve Ball to capture gives you 10 XP bonus.

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