How to use PokeVision to track Pokemon [Pokemon Go]

PokeVision is an online map tool showing wild Pokemon location. You can see what Pokemon you can find around of you.
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update 23/08/2016

PokeVision and many of other tracking tools are currently unavailable!

See the link below for the details of that.

Find an catch wild Pokemon by using PokeVision

PokeVision is a map showing wild Pokemon location based on where other games find wild Pokemon. By using the tool, you can see where you should go to catch certain one. This page is about what is PokeVision and how to use the tool.

What is PokeVision?

PokeVision, an online map tool, is used to track wild Pokemon. The tools shows where and what Pokemon other Pokemon Go players catch and how long those Pokemon stay at the locations showed on the map.

The tool is very useful for complete PokeDex. You can see where the certain Pokemon ,such as you have not caught yet, lives by using the map. To catch the Pokemon, what you do is just visiting the marked spots.

Additionally, you can help other gamers to find wild Pokemon by catching Pokemon around of you. By catching a Pokemon which is not displayed on the map, it will be noted on the map.

How to use PokeVision

1. Select your location

You should find your location on the map, and there are 3 ways:

  • Typing your location into the search bar at the top right hand corner of screen
  • Tapping the icon next to the search bar ( By tapping the icon, you are asked to allow sending your location information)
  • Tap any location on the map and hit enter key

2. Select which Pokemon's location you want to see

The map usually shows locations of every kinds of Pokemon. You can make the map show spots of certain Pokemon. Tap the ' Showing 151 pokemon' bar to see the list of Pokemon. You can choose Pokemon you want to track, and the map indicated spots of those selected Pokemon.


Since there are lot of visitor , you may have an error in access to PokeVision. Not phone but PC or Mac is better to access.

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