How to use 'Poke Assistant' for team building

This page shows hot use Poke Assistant, one of the Pokemon Go tools used for knowing optimal attackers and best attacking team.
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update 23/08/2016

The useful tool for making gym battle strategy!

The service 'Poke Assistant' consists of various tools such as best attackers finder, IV calculator, and rarity identifier. This page shows how to use 'Best Attackers' function of the service. Since the gym battle is one of the fun things of Pokemon Go, it is important to know how to use it.

Guide to 'Poke Assistant'

1. Sign in with your Google account


Tap 'sign in' first. To use Poke Assistant, you have to log in with your google account.


If you are not logging in google, the tools shows the login menu. Sign in to your google account. The account do not need to be same with the one you connected to Pokemon Go.


Enter your email address of the account you want to use for signing in to Poke Assistant. Make sure the account is the right one you want to use.


If the account is surely the correct one you want to log in, tap 'approve' button to finish the log in process.

2. Choose a language you want to use


If you are not an English speaker, you may want to change the displayed language to the one you can read smoothly. After selecting the language, a message 'Use Preferences updated' appears. The names of buttons do not change, but the names of Pokemon and moves are translated.

3. Find the best attackers


Now you are on the menu display. Tap the 'Best Attackers' tab, 6th tab from the top.


Select the one of Pokemon you want to see the details of. Poke Assistant shows the followings:
- The Pokemon's moves
- Types of the Pokemon
- Types the Pokemon is weak to
- Types the Pokemon is resistant to
- The list of the best Pokemon to beat the one you selected
By tapping 'skip' you can hide the details of the Pokemon from the list.
For example, you may tap 'skip' for Legendary Pokemon, since they have not appeared yet in Pokemon Go and the details are useless currently.

4. Build best attacking team


The tool also helps you build a team to attack gyms. Enter the CP of rival Pokemon in the gym you want to take over. The CP value should be lower to higher as left to right. Tap 'submit' button after that.


After submitting, the best team is automatically built. It may show the one of Pokemon you do not have. If so, tap 'skip' to see the another candidate.

5. How to sign out from Poke Assistant

If you do not use Poke Assistant any more, disconnect your google account from the tool is recommended. The followings are how to do that.


Tap the menu button on the google main display.


Tap 'My account' icon.


Find and tap 'Connected apps & sites' button. It is under the 'Sing-in & security' tab.


Now you may see the list of apps & sites your google account is connected to. Tap 'MANAGE APPS' button.


Tap the name of the service. In this case' Poke Assistant'.


'REMOVE' button appears. Tap the button to disconnect Poke Assistant from your account.

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