How to see IV by SILPHROAD

This page shows how to use SILPHROAD, one of the Pokemon GO IV calculator. You can see your Pokemon's IV (Individual Value), known as hidden stats.
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update 23/08/2016

What is IV calculator?

IV calculators are used to see Individual Value (IV) of Pokemon. There many IV calculators on the internet. SILPHROAD, one of those tools, is introduced in this page.

What is Individual Value?

Individual Value (IV) is one of the stats of Pokemon. It is very important for a Pokemon GO player to select a Pokwmon to power up because it decides CP and HP of Pokemon. To learn details of IV, see the link below.


How to use SILPHROAD

1. Tap 'IV RATER'

To start IV calculation, tap the IV Rater button.

2. Tap Bulbasaur icon to select Pokemon

Now tap Bulbasaur on the screen to select Pokemon which you want to see IV.

3. List of Pokemon pops up

Find a Pokemon from the list and tap the icon of Pokemon.

In the video, the narrator selected Magmar.

The narrator's Magmar

This is the Magmar which the narrator has.

To go further steps. you need trainer level, CP, HP, Stardust and Candy needed to power up. In the video, those are the followings.

  • Trainer level: 11
  • CP: 342
  • HP: 44
  • Stardust needed to power up: 600
  • Candy needed to power up: 1

4. Slide a bar to match a value with your trainer level

Slide a bar by swiping to match the trainer level indicated with your actual trainer level. Trainer level of the narrator in the video is 11.

5. Set the amount of Stardust and Candy needed to power up

See the accurate amount of Stardust and Candy needed to Power Up displayed. If not, change the values on the screen. The narrator's Magmar needs 600 Stardust and 1 Candy to Power up.

6. Match values with Pokemon's current CP and HP

As same as last 2 steps, make sure the values of CP and HP indicated match with your Pokemon's CP and HP. In the video, CP and HP of the Magmar are 342 and 44.

7. Tap 'RATE MY POKEMON' to see the result

You have been almost finishing the processes. To see the result, tap 'RATE MY POKEMON' button.

8. See the Pokemon's IV for CP and HP

Now the result of calculation shows up. In the video, the Magmar's IV for CP is 13 and that for HP is 9. Since the MAX IV for CP is 30 and that for HP is 15. the Magmar may not have higher IV values.

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