How to use Pokemon Go Nexus

Pokemon Go Nexus is a tool helping a player to see IV of Pokemon in storage all at once. A player do not have to enter the details of each Pokemon.
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Pokemon GO Nexus

In Pokemon Go, IV (Individual Value) is associated with CP of Pokemon. Selecting Pokemon with higher IV is important to win gym battles. Pokemon Go Nexus helps a player know IV of all stocked Pokemon. If you are not sure what is IV in Pokemon Go, see the link below.

To use Pokemon Go Nexus, a player need to get token which is issued by OAuth to prevent a password leaking. However, using the tool is your own responsibility. On the Pokemon Go Nexus page, there is a message as below.

By using this site you agree that its service is provided as-is.
We make no guarantees it is allowed under Niantic's terms of service.
We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your account due to the use of this site.

How to use Pokemon Go Nexus


Tap "GET TOKEN" to use Pokemon Go Nexus at first.


After tapping "GET TOKEN", you will be asked to login to your google account connected with Pokemon Go. Enter your email address.


Enter your password and login to your account.


You will be asked to allow Pokemon Go to access your google account. Tap approve.


Token code is issued on the another tab. Copy the code.


Go back to Pokemon GO Nexus. Enter your google email address, token code, and location you are playing Pokemon Go. Tap Log In.


Now, IVs of Pokemon in storage are displayed.


The screen shows the followings from top to bottom:

  • CP
  • Max CP (at trainer level 40)
  • An image of Pokemon, name of Pokemon
  • The number of stocked candy
  • Pokemon's weight/height
  • STA (stamina)
  • ATK (attack)
  • DEF (defense)
  • Moves of Pokemon
  • Ideal IV are displayed


The order of Pokemon can be changed by tapping:

  • POKEMON (Pokedex No.)
  • NAME (alphabetical)
  • CP (from higher CP to lower)
  • MAX CP (from higher MAX CP to lower)
  • % PERCENT (from higher IV to lower)
  • CANDY (from the higher number of candies to lower)


For example, by tapping % PERCENT, you can see Pokemon with higher IV along with stocked Pokemon.


If you have multiple number of same Pokemon species, you can compare them along their species. Tap "COMPARE ALL - ".


After tapping "COMPARE ALL - ", Pokemons of one species shows up, and IV of each of them can be compared.

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