Pokestops and What You Benefit From It

This page notes what a Pokestop is, what happens at a Pokestop, and list of items you can get in a Pokestop.
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update 23/08/2016

What is PokeStop?

Pokestop is a Pokeball-shaped object linked to a certain location in the real world. You can gain 50XP and items randomly selected by spinning it.

Pokestops are shaped like floating cube when you are far from them. Once you get close, it changes to Pokeball-shaped.

Pokestop Item Chart

Items you can get at a Pokestop varies based on your trainer level. Better items can be found as your trainer level increases. Here is a chart showing items and trainer level.

Item Trainer Level
Pokeball Level 1
Pokemon Egg Level 1
Potion Level 5
Revive Level 5
Super Potion Level 10
Great Ball Level 12
Hyper Potion Level 15
Ultra Ball Level 20
Max Potion Level 25
Max Revive Level 30

Pokestop Tips

1. You can spin same Pokestop by 5minutes.

Once you spinned a Pokestop, the color is turned from blue to purple. It changes back to blue 5 minutes later, and you can gain XP and items again.

2. You can use Lure Module at a Pokestop

You can put Lure Module to a Pokestop. The Pokestop starts to attract Pokemon around of it, and you can have more chances to capture Pokemon.

Lure Module

A module that attracts Pokemon to a PokeStop for 30 minutes. Other people around the Pokestop can also beneftit from the effect.

3. 10th PokeStop Hack

You will get 6+ items and 100 XP from every 10th Pokéstop as long as you keep hacking a chain of different stops. You will also get an egg if you have an empty slot available. This not a hack or against TOS. It is simply an observed pattern of hacking.

Let's Use a Lure Module!



1. Finding a Pokestop

Now you want to place a Lure Module on a Pokestop left-side.
The Pokestop (right-side) with pink-leaves has already been installed Lure Module.

2. Placing a Lure

If you have a Lure Module and the module slot of the Poke Stop is empty, you can put the Lure Module on the PokeStop.

3. PokeStop and Pink Flowes

Once the Lure Module installed, the PokeStop is surrounded by pink blossom and starts to attract Pokemon. The effect lasts 30 minutes.

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