How to Earn XP and Increase Trainer Level
This page notes how to gain XP and the reason why increasing trainer level is important.
Pokestops and What You Benefit From It
This page notes what a Pokestop is, what happens at a Pokestop, and list of items you can get in a Pokestop.
List of Items and Bag/Pokemon Storage Upgrade
This page shows item chart, how to use each items, and the amount of PokeCoins you need to pay for in Pokemon Go.
Level-up Rewards in Pokemon Go
This page notes level-up rewards list and what you get reaching level 30. Unlockable items are also listed.
Pokeball Chart and How to Get Great/Ultra Ball
This page shows how to get Poke Ball, Great Ball, and Ultra Ball, and how to use them in Pokemon Go.
Green leaves on the map of Pokemon Go
You may have seen green leaves on the map in Pokemon Go. This page notes what these leaves mean.
Where to get Lure Module & How to use
This page notes what is Lure Module, how to use it, and where to get it.
PokeStops tips: You don't have to tap bubbles
When you are at a PokeStop, you see bubbles wrapping items in themselves. You do not need to tap them to get items.
Pokemon Go Tips: When your bag is full
You can have up to 350 items in your bag. This page shows what happens and hot to make space when your bag is full.
Pokemon Go: Urban and Rural Disparties
Pokemon Go can be enjoyed anywhere. However, there are definitely disparities between urban and rural area. This page shows the...


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