Pokemon Go: Urban and Rural Disparties

Pokemon Go can be enjoyed anywhere. However, there are definitely disparities between urban and rural area. This page shows the differences examined in Japan.
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update 23/08/2016

For Pokemon Go gamers, where they are living in is important for getting items. gainnng XP, capturing wild Pokemon, and having gym battles, because the number of PokeStops, wild Pokemon, and gyms are different between urban and rural areas. Here are the screenshots showing the disparities in Japan.

Urban areas in Japan

Yamanote Line

There are so many PokeStops around Yamanote line, one of the most important loop lines in Tokyo, Japan.


Shibuya station, one of Tokyo's busiest railway stations, placed a lot of PokeStops around of it self. That means Pokemon Go player can gain much XP and get whole bunch of useful items.


If you open Pokemon Go in Akihabara, one of the biggest shoping districts for video games, anime, and manga, you may not be able to back to home due to many of PokeStops. You may not have enough time to visit all the PokeStops.

Rural areas in Japan

In rural area of Japan, no PokeStops can be found. That means you cannot gain XP to increase trainer level and obtain Pokeball to capture Pokemon.

It is obvious that there are few PokeStops relative to urban area. Additionally, you cannot see gyms and have gym battles. Some people says Pokemon Go is for only urban people.

You do not have to be worried about that getting Pokeballs in rural areas, because there are no wild Pokemon to use Pokeballs.

Everyone's experience in rural ereas

I love Pokemon Go, but it isn't good if you live in rural areas. There are zero Pokestops, and very weak Pokemon in my area. @PokemonGoApp

pokemon go discriminates against rural players because it was created by the Urban Elite™ pass it on

What's really turning me off Pokemon Go is just how blatantly unsustainable it is to play in rural areas. :/

@MIMI_LEGEND @PokemonGoApp There's quite a few rural areas that have disappeared from Pokemon GO, because all their stops/gyms are gone.

so in pokemon go rural areas are trash. no pokes & no stops so tell me why when i try to level the playing field using fake gps...

pokemon go is so boring in rural ireland all the pokestops are Catholic places of significance like churches and statues Let Me Live

Pokemon Go is prejudice against rural areas

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There is no wild Mewtwo and Mew spawns
Thank you for all the time you took doing this :)
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