Pokemon nests in Pokemon Go

This page notes what is a Pokemon nest, a Pokemon nest location, and a rare Pokemon nest.
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update 23/08/2016

This page is updated on August 23.

Pokemon Nests

A Pokemon nest is an area where a specific specie of Pokemon can be found at high probability and high amount. Nest location are considered as subject to change.

Pokemon nest locations

Parks are most likely to be Pokemon nests. On the other hand, residential areas, transportation facilities, commercial buildings, campuses, and cultural properties are considered as rarely being Pokemon nests because gathering many people in such areas is a public nuisance.

Rare Pokemon nests

Rare Pokemon nest is an area where a specific rare Pokemon, which is not easy to be captured, exists by high amount. For example, Dratini nests are confirmed in some areas. By visiting the nests, a player can capture Dratinis easily and obtain Dratini canides to evolve Dratini into Dragonair and Draonite.  

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Nest change update

It is considered that changes in nest locations happened on August 23 according to the SILPHROAD. We wil update the list of nests by Pokemon soon.

Nest change update info


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