Best Pokemon to beat Lapras

Here are how to fight against Lapras, the best Pokemon to beat it, and the best moves super effective against it.
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In terms of stats Lapras is pretty strong, especially in terms of stamina. And her combination of Water and Ice-type attacks can hit almost every available Pokemon type with a super effective attack. This is why Lapras is a Pokemon you will commonly find defending Gyms.

Tips and strategies

Effective attack types


Lapras is weak against Grass, Fighting, Rock and Electric-type attacks. Although it is most recommended that you use Fighting and Electric-type Pokemon, because Grass and Rock-type Pokemon will also receive super effective damage from Lapras' Ice and Water-type attacks respectively.

Choosing Pokemon

You can use a Water type Pokemon to resist all of Lapras' attacks, but this will leave you with a moveset that will most likely not be very effective against her. Other than that you can use a Steel-type Pokemon to resist her Ice attacks, or simply bring a pokemon Neutral to both Water and Ice.

Common movesets

  • This combination of Frost Breath and Blizzard is considered the best moveset for Lapras when attacking Gyms.
Fast move Charge move
Frost Breath Blizzard
  • This combination of Ice Shard and Blizzard is considered the best moveset for Lapras when defending gyms.
Fast move Charge move
Ice Shard Blizzard

Recommended Pokemon

Pokemon[Moveset] Explanation
[Counter / Dynamic Punch]
  • Great attack stat.
  • Fighting-type attacks are super effective against Lapras.
  • Weak Defense.
[Bullet Seed / Solar Beam]
  • Grass-type attacks are super effective against Lapras.
  • Resistant to Water-type attacks.
  • [Solar Beam] does great damage vs Lapras.
  • Be careful of Ice-type attacks.
Tyranitar[Bite / Stone Edge]
  • Oustanding overall stats that rival even Legendary Pokemon.
  • [Stone Edge] does excellent Damage Against Lapras.
  • Be careful of Water-type attacks.
[Thunder Shock / Thunderbolt]
  • Electric-type attacks are super effective against Lapras.
  • Every attack Jolteon learns is Electric-type.
  • Easy to obtain and power up.
[Spark / Zap Cannon]
  • Electric-type attacks are super effective against Lapras.
  • Resistant against Dragon and Ice-type attacks.
  • High stats overall.

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hey GameA1 would flamethower be good against lapras?
Fire sucks against lapras
Fake AF
I think 1 should be Magenton since ice AND dragon moves are weak against steel and Megneton's electric moves are super effective. Dragon pulse is a huge blow and wipes out Arcanine.

I think #3 should be PinSir with Rock Smash/Submission for charge attack because Rock Smash has higher DPS than Karate chop. I guess the dps for Cross chop is way higher than submission though.
<< Anonymous(Matt)
GameA1 Reply
Matt, thank you fork your post. I will update the article based on your post.
<< Anonymous(Matt)
GameA1 Reply
Also I will be happy if you can help me make the website more attractive. Send email to [ ] if you are interested. Thanks!
<< Anonymous(Matt)
Hayden11 Reply
That would make sense.
Hello thanks for the article. My question is: why is Bite/Fire Blast the best moveset for Arcanine to beat Lapras? Since Bite is a Dark move that is neutral against Water and Ice, why should it be a better moveset than Fire Fang/Fire Blast or Fire Fang/Flamethrower?
<< Anonymous(Taurus)
GameA1 Reply
Thank you for your post, Taurus. I am sure Fire Fang also work very well. It's DPS is 14.88 and higher than that of Bite at 12.00. However, with regard to EPS, that of Bite is 14.00 and that of Fire Fang is 9.52. That means your Arcanine can use Fire Blast more times with Bite as a fast move. That is why I noted like that.
<< Anonymous(Taurus)
Hayden11 Reply
That's a good question.
I would use my Machamp. Thanks.
<< Anonymous
Hayden11 Reply
That would be a great pokemon to use against lapras. Good pick
Thank you for the information. I could really use it for the new raids in the gyms. I went up against a 21,235 lapras with 4 other trainers and we couldn't beat it. It was really strong. We tried to beat it 4 times and failed all 4 times. Thank you!
Ok, I did not know the fact that Lapras only use ice-type moves.

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i love scarlet and violet 151!
usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that never top myself to say ...
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