Best Pokemon to beat Magneton

This page notes how to fight against Magnetion, the best Pokemon to beat it, and the best moves super effective against it.
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This page shows the strategies to successfully beat Magneton considering Magneton's possible movesets. For details of Magneton, such as evolution chart, CP and HP, tap the name of the Pokemon.

Super Effective Moves

For list of moves by types, tap the name of moves below.


Best Pokemon 1.

Magneton's movesets

The combination of Thunder Shock and Discharge is considered as the best moveset for Magnetion to attack gyms.

Fast move Charge move
Thunder Shock Discharge
Spark Discharge


When Magneton use only electric-type moves, Golem is the best to defeat it. While decreasing damage of electric-type moves, Golem's ground-type moves are super effective against Magneton. Additionally, Golem has higher stats along ground-type Pokemon. Note that when Magneton uses steel-type moves, Golem less work because it is weak to those moves.

Best moveset for Golem to beat Magneton

When fighting against Magneton, players should make Golem learn ground-type moves. Rock-type moves are not very effective against a steel-type Pokemon.

Fast move Charge move
Mud-Slap Earthquake

Note: Golem lost Mud Shot!

Due to update on August 20, Golem do not learn Mud Shot. The one caught before the update can still have the move.

Other options

  • Rhydon has also higher stats along ground-type Pokemon. Make it learn ground-type mvoes.
  • Sandslash and Dugtrio can learn both Mud Shot, the best ground-type fast move based on DPS, and Earthquake, the best ground-type charge move.
  • For list of ground-type Pokemon, tap the name of the type below.

Best Pokemon 2.

Magneton's movesets

The combination of Spark and Flash Cannon is considered as the best moveset for Magneton to defend gyms.


When Magneton use steel-type charge moves, Arcanine is the best one to beat it. Arcanine's fire-type moves are very effective against Magneton while cut damage of steel-type moves. Arcanine has higher stats along fire-type Pokemon as well as Charizard which is weak to Magneton's electric type moves.

Best movest for Arcanine to beat Magneton

Although Arcanine can learn Bite and Bulldoze, those moves are not preferred based on type match-up when fighting against Magneton.

Fast move Charge move
Fire Fang Fire Blast

Other options

  • Other fire-type Pokemon also work well. Ember and Fire Blast are recommended for their moves.
  • If players do not have such fire-type Pokemon, use ground-type Pokemon noted above. They can reduce damage of electric-type moves. Note that Magneton's steel-type moves are super effective against rock-type Pokemon.

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