Buddy System: Pikachu on Shoulder

This page shows how to put a Pikachu as a buddy on an avatar's shoulder.
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update 19/09/2016

Pikachu on Shoulder

Walk 10km with a buddy Pikachu

When a player set a Pikachu as a buddy, it stays by an avatar's foot. By walking 10 or more distance, a player can get Pikachu sheet on shoulder.

Other Pokemon

Some small size Pokemon can sit on an avatar's shoulder. Unlike Pikachu, they can be on a player's should just be set as a buddy.

Large Pokemon, such as Snorlax cannot be on shoulder.

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Nidoking is now outclassed by lots of things for both defending and attacking.
Blast Burn is the best charge move for Charizard now.
A lot still plays. That being said, I don't think Dratini nests anymore.
Besides, no one use Blastoise anymore to begin with, it's bad compared to other bulky Water-...
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