[Video] A 1976 CP Arcanine is beaten by a Vaporeon and a Golduck

A 954 CP Vaporeon and a 786 CP Golduck defeats 1976 CP Arcanine in the video. Here are the video and the description.
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update 19/08/2016

Vaporeon and Golduck vs Arcanine

A Vaporen, a Starmie (the second attacker is beaten immediately after coming to the field) , and a Golduck defeats an Arcanine in the video (1:05 - 1:50).



  • The CP of the attacker is the number next to the names of Pokemon.
  • Tap the name of Pokemon to see the details of it.

Defender: 1976 CP Arcanine


The CP of the defender, Arcanine, is 1976. Its fast move is Bite and charge move is Bulldoze.

Fast move Charge move
Bite Bulldoze


The wounded uVaporeon (it beated Snorlax in a last battle) uses Water Gun, and the move is super effective. Even though there are big difference between the CP of the attacker and that of defender, the move has enough power to fight against the Arcanine.


The Arcanine's fast move is Bite. It does not have fire-type moves.


Once the required energy is charged, the Vaporeon uses Hydro Pump, a water-type charge move, and the move damages the defender heavily.


The Arcanine counters the Vaporeon's Hydro Pump by using Bulldoze, and the Vaporeon is greatly damaged.


The Vaporeon shoots Hydro Pump again, but the Arcanine does Bulldoze agains as well. The Arcanine's charge move knocks the first attacker down.


The second attacker is the Starmie. It uses Quick Attack, a normal-type first move. Unfortunately, the Arcacnine's fast move is not fire-type but dark-type, and it is super effective against the Starmie.


The Arcanine uses Bulldoze and damages to the Starmie by an approximately 50 percent of the HP.


The Starmie tries to use Power Gem. However, before the charge move hits, the Arcanine defeates the second attacker with the charge move.


The third attacker is the Golduck. Even though its CP is much lower than that of the Arcanine, the defender is wounded for last two battles. Finally, the Arcanine is shot to knock down by the Golduck's Water Gun.

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