Best Pokemon to fight against Venusaur

This page shows how to defeat Venusaur, the best Pokemon for fighting against it, and the best moves to beat it.
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How to defeat Venusaur

Here are the best Pokemon to successfully beat Venusaur considering Venusaur's possiible movesets. For the details of Venusaur, such as evolution chart and base stats, tap the name of the Pokemon.

Venusaur's CP and HP

Max CP Max HP
2580 138

Super effective moves

For the list of moves by each type, tap the name of types below.


Best Pokemons


Charizard evolves from Charamander, which is one of three starters. It can use Fire Blast, very high DPS charge move, and have high CP.


Arcanine can reduce the damage of moves Venusaur uses by half. Since Arcanine has the highest CP along all the fire-type Pokemon, it can beats Venusaur faster.


Flareon has high CP and can use fire-type moves which are super effective against Venusaur. Additionally, Flareon is easy to evolve and power up relative to other two Pokemons above.

Other options

Pidgeot, Golbat, and Hypno are easier to get relative to the three Pokemons above, and have the advantage over Venusaur due to the relationship of types.

  • Pidgeot and Golbat

    While the damage of grass-type moves Venusaur uses are reduced, Pidgeot and Golbat use flying-type moves, such as Wing Attack and Air Cutter, which are super effective against Venusaur. Since Pidgey and Zubat are very easy to be captured, a player can get Pidgeot and Golbat easily.
  • Hypno

    Hypno cannot cut the damage of the moves Venusaur uses but its psychic-type moves are super effective against Venusaur.

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