Best Pokemon to beat Jynx

Here are how to fight against Jynx, the best Pokemon to beat it, and the best moves to defeat it.
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How to defeat Jynx

This page shows the strategies to successfully beat Jynx considering Jynx's moveset. To see the details of Jynx, such as evolution chart, CP and HP, tap the name of the Pokemon.

Super effective moves

Jynx is weak to the types below. To see the list of moves of each type, tap the name of moves below.


Best Pokemon to Beat Jynx

1. Arcanine

Jynx's movesets

Fast move Charge move
Frost Breath Ice Punch
Frost Breath Draining Kiss


When the moves Jynx uses are all ice-type, Arcanine is one of the best Pokemon to beat it. While the damage of ice-type moves are decreased, Arcanin's fire-type moves are super effective against Jynx.

Best moveset

Since Jynx has both ice and psychic types, Arcanine's another fast move, Bite, is also super effective against it.

Fast move Charge move
Fire Fang Fire Blast

Other options

Fire-type Pokemon can cut the damage of ice-type moves, but Charizard cannot do so due to its additional flying-type. Magneton is not a fire-type Pokemon, but Ice-type moves are also not very effective against steel-type Pokemon. Magneton's steel-type moves are super effective against ice-type Pokemon.

2. Magneton

Jynx's movesets

Fast move Charge move
Frost Breath Psyshock
Pound Psyshock
Pound Draining Kiss
Pound Ice Punch


Magneton, a steel and electric type Pokemon, can decrease the damage of all the moves Jynx learns (ice, normal, psychic, and fairy). Magneton acquires only electric moves for fast attack but can use steel-type charge moves, such as Flash Cannon and Magnet Bomb, which are super effective against an ice-type Pokemon.

Best moveset

Fast move Charge move
Thunder Shock Flash Cannon
  • Since Thunder Shock's EPS is higher than that of Spark, the required energy for charge move can be gained faster. That means a steel-type charge move, which is super effective against Jynx, can be used more often in a battle.
  • The DPS of Flash Cannon is higher than that of Magnet Bomb, so the charge move can damages Jynx more efficiently.
  • What is DPS?

    Damage Per Second, called DPS, is a indicator to look how powerful and efficient the move is to beat another Pokemon in gym battles. The higher the DPS of the move is, the more powerful the move is.
  • What is EPS?

    Energy Per Second, called EPS, is an indicator, assigned to fast moves, to look how quick the fast move can fill the energy bar spent for using charge move.

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Best moveset

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