Best Pokemon to defeat Wigglytuff

Here are how to fight against Wigglytuff, the best Pokemon to beat it, and the best moves super effective against it.
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How to beat Wigglytuff

This page shows the strategies to successfully beat Wigglytuff considering Wigglytuff's possiible movesets. To see the details of wigglytuff, such as evolution chart, where to find, and stats, tap the name of the Pokemon.

Super effective moves

Wigglytuff is weak to the types below. For the list of moves of by types, tap the name of moves below.


Best Pokemon to beat Wigglytuff

1. Muk

Wigglytuff's movesets


When the Wigglytuff's charge move is fairy-type, Muk is one of the best Pokemon to fight against it. Muk can decrease the damage of fairy-type move and its poison-type moves are super effective against the fairy-type Pokemon.

Best moveset

For fast move, Poison Jab is superior to Acid in DPS and EPS. Likewise, Gunk Shot is more efficient than Sludge Wave based on DPS.

Fast move Charge move
Poison Jab Gunk Shot

Other options

Other species which have poison-type and can use poison-type fast / charge moves do good job. Magneton, a steel-type Pokemon, can also cut the damage of fairy type moves. Additionally, one of the Wigglytuff's fast move, Pount, is not very effective against a steel-type Pokemon. On the other hand, Magneton's steel-type charge moves are super effective against Wigglytuff.

2. Magneton

Wigglytuff's movesets

The most powerful moveset for Wigglytuff as an attacker is said as Pound and Hyper Beam and for Wigglytuff as a defender is Feint Attack and Hyper Beam. Therefore, a player may see the Wigglytuff with one of these two moveset more often than that with other movesets.

Fast move Charge move
Pound Hyper Beam
Feint Attack Hyper Beam


When the Wigglytuff's charge move is Hyper Beam, Magneton have an advantage over a poison-type Pokemon because the normal-type charge move is not very effective against the steel-type Pokmeon while Magneton's steel-type moves are super effective against a fairy-type Pokemon.

Best moveset

Fast move Charge move
Thunder Shock Flash Cannon
  • Why is Thunder Shock better than Spark?
    Since Thunder Shock's EPS is higher than that of Spark, the required energy for charge move can be gained faster. That means a steel-type charge move, which is super effective against Wigglytuff, can be used more often in a battle.
  • Why is Flash Cannon the best rather than Magnet Bomb?
    The DPS) of Flash Cannon is higher than that of Magnet Bomb, so the charge move can damages Wigglytuff more efficiently.

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