Best Pokemon to beat Dragonite/Gyarados

Dragonite and Gyarados are everyone's favorite Pokemon in gym battles. Here are the best Pokemon to beat those two.
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update 20/09/2016

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You may have seen Dragonite and Gyarados in gym battles many times since they have higher CP and nice moves with higher DPS. This page shows the best Pokemon to beat them to win a gym battle.


Super effective moves

Dragonite is weak to rock-, ice-, dragon-, and fairy-type moves. For list of moves, tap the names of types below.



  • Low cost
    Seaking is easy to get and can use Ice-type move, Icy Wind. It evolves from Goldeen with 50 Candies.
  • Effective ice-type move against to Dragonite
    Although Ice-type moves are very effective against to Dragonite, Ice-type Pokemon is not easy to find and get. Therefore, you may bring Seaking into gym battles to defeat Dragonite.

Best moveset

Fast move Charge move
Poison Jab Icy Wind

Other options

If you could catch ice-type Pokemon, they works very well. For other strategies to beat Dragonite, tap the link below.


Super effective moves

Gyarados is weak to rock- and electric-type moves. For list of moves, tap the names of types below.



  • Reducing damage of dragon-type moves
    Magneton is a steel-type Pokemon and cuts damage of Gyrados's dragon type moves such as Dragon Breath and Dragon Pulse.
  • Super effective electric-type moves
    While reducing damage of Gyarados's moves, Magneton's electric-type moves are super effective against it. Thunder Shock and Discharge is the best moveset for Magneton to beat Gyarados.

Best moveset

Fast move Charge move
Thunder Shock Discharge

Other options

For other options, tap the link below.

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How to Beat

Tap the name of each Pokemon for the best Pokemon to beat it.

Best moveset

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Seaking might be a good idea. No one use that to beat the powerful Pokemon. I try to use it.
<< Anonymous(TMG)
LazySnorlax Reply
I am down. I was looking for Lapras and Gyarados to defeat Dragonite, but they are too hard to find.
<< Anonymous(LazySnorlax)
Anonymous Reply
My weezing beat the dragonite.
Which Pokemon do everyone ues to defeat those two?
<< Anonymous(CP&Dragonite)
Anonymous Reply
I defeated dragonite with my weezing.
A venusaur,nidoking,arcanine,exeggutor,rhydon,gyarados,l apras and snorlax ran away from me

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i love scarlet and violet 151!
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