Best Pokemon to beat Jolteon

This page shows the strategies to beat Jolteon, such as the best Pokemon and moves.
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How to beat Jolteon

This page shows the strategies to successfully beat Jolteon. To see the details of Jolteon, such as evolution chart, CP and HP, tap the name of the Pokemon.

Super effective moves

Joteon has only one weakness: ground-type. To see the list of ground-type moves, tap the name of the type below.


Jolteon in a gym battle

Best Pokemon to beat Jolteon

Ground-type Pokemon

The best Pokmeon to beat Jolteon is ground-type Pokemon which can use ground-type fast/charge moves. While Jolteon's electric-type moves are not very effective against ground-type species, their ground-type moves are super effective against Jolteon.

Tip: Select the one can use ground-type fast / charge moves.

To win a victory smoothly, selecting the one have ground-type fast and charge moves is important. For example, the one Golem with Mud Shot and Earthquake is better than the another with Rock Throw and Stone Edge to fight against Jolteon.

Other ground type Pokemon

To see the list of the ground-type Pokemon, tap the name of the type below.


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Sandslash is easier to get, so it will be the best.

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