Best Pokemon to defeat Charizard

Here are how to defeat Charizard, the best Pokemon to beat Charizard, and the super effective moves against Charizard.
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How to beat Charizard

This page shows the strategies to successfully beat Charizard considering Charizard's possiible movesets. To see the details of Charizard, such as evolution chart, where to find, and stats, tap the name of the Pokemon.

Super effective moves

Charizard is weak to moves of the types below. For the lists of moves by types, tap the name of each type below.

Water Electric Rock

Charizard in a gym battle

1. Golem

Charizard's moveset

Set of Wing Attack and Fire Blast is one of the optimal movesets for Chartizard based on total attack performance.

Fast move Charge move
Wing Attack Fire Blast


When the moves Charizard uses are the combination of Wing Attack and Fire Blast, Golem is one of the best Pokemon to beat Charizard. While the damage of flying- and fire-types, Golem's rock-type moves are super effective against Golem.

Best moveset

Golem can learn ground- or rock-type moves. To fight against Charizard, rock-type moves are recommended.

Fast move Charge move
Rock Throw Stone Edge

Other options

Since Omaster is water- and rock-type Pokemon, it can reduce the damage of all the moves Charizard uses by half. Additionally, Omaster's moves are super effective against Charizard.

2. Vaporeon

Charizard's moveset

The combination of Ember and Fire Blast is considered as optimal moveset for Charizard to defend gyms.

Fast move Charge move
Ember Fire Blast


Vaporen is well known as the best water-type Pokemon. Its moves, Water Gun and Hydro Pump, have very high DPS and are super effective against Charizard. Additionally, the water-type Pokemon reduces the damage of Charizard's fire type moves.

Best moveset

The combination of Water Gun and Hydro Pump is an optimal moveset for Vaporeon to beat Charizard.

Fast move Charge move
Water Gun Hydro Pump

Other options

Other water-type Pokemon having Water Gun also works well to defeat Charizard.

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Best moveset

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Nihal valmiki
Pikachu and charizard are best pokemon
<< Anonymous(Nihal valmiki)
CowboyBean Reply
I got a million Pikachu they are basically useless but they have cool hats and wrestler one and my rock and rolling from one of the special events as well and the under 500 league having said that I wasted a lot of backspace on on them despite being useless
Vaporeron. The best water Pokémon.
<< Anonymous
pokemon Reply
<< Anonymous
Nah yall stupid Reply
Heck no idiot
Can Msteelix defeat Mcharizard
<< Anonymous(Fhdhdjj)
Anonymous Reply
Probably depending on if M. Steelix is rock/has good rock moves. If yes, M. Steelix will probably win. If not, I think M. Charizard.
<< Anonymous(Fhdhdjj)
Nani??? Reply
Depends if it is McharizardX or MCharizardY McharizardX would win, Mcharizard Y would lose
<< Anonymous(Fhdhdjj)
Nah yall stupid Reply
Depends on the cp and stars of M charizard
Nah yall stupid
No its gotta be diagla or arceus obviously and yes they in pokemon go
i recon Mcharizard
Can Msteelix defeat Mcharizard

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I got a million Pikachu they are basically useless but they have cool hats and wrestler one and m...
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