Best Pokemon to defeat Arcanine

This guide notes the best Pokemon to beat Arcanine, tips for defeating Arcanine to win gym battles, and moves super effective against to it.
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Arcanine is one of the everyone's favorite Pokemon due to its high CP. You may have encountered Arcanine many times in gym battles. Thefore, knoing the ways to beat Arcanine is importanto for winning gym battles.

Arcanine in gym battles

Super Effective Moves

Arcanine is weak to the types below. For list of moves by types, tap the name of types below.


Strategy 1

Arcanine's movesets

  • The combination of Bite and Fire Blast is considered as the best moveset for Arcanine to attack gyms.
  • The combination of Fire Fang and Fire Blast is said as the best moveset for Arcanine to defend gyms.


Vaporen, evolving from Eevee, is well known as the best water-type Pokemon due to its higher CP and HP. When Vaporeron can use water-type moves which Arcanine is weak to while reducing damage of Arcanine's fire-type moves.

Best moveset

The combination of Water Gun and Hydro pump is an optimal moveset for Vaporeon to beat Arcanine based on DPS and EPS.

Fast move Charge move
Water Gun Hydro Pump

Other options

When Arcanine's fast move is Bite, Poliwrath may be the best, since Poliwrath can decrease damage of Bite ( dark-type moves is not very effective against fighting-type Pokemon ).


If players do not have water-type Pokemon, Golem can work well. Although it cannot cut damage of Arcanine's moves, its ground- and rock-type moves are super effective against Arcanine.

Best moveset for Golem to beat Arcanine

Fast move Charge move
Mud-Slap Stone Edge

Note: Golem lost Mud Shot!

Due to update on August 20, Golem do not learn Mud Shot. The one caught before the update can still have the move.

Other options

  • Onix is the easiest to catch, so players may bring some of Onix to beat Arcanine.

Strategy 2

Arcanine's movesets

Fast move Charge move
Bite Bulldoze
Fire Fang Bulldoze


When Arcanine's charge move is Bulldoze, a ground-type move, Gyarados is the best to fight against it. Gyarados can reduce damage of Bulldoze (Bulldoze is not effective against flying-type Pokemon), its Hydro Pump is super effective against Arcanine.

Best moveset for Gyarados to beat Arcanine

Fast move Charge move
Bite Hydro Pump

Note: Gyarados lost Dragon Breath!

Due to update on August 20, Gyarados do not learn Dragon Breath. The one caught before the update can still have the move.

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