Best Pokemon for fighting against Exeggutor

Here are how to fight against Exeggutor, the best Pokemon to beat it, and the best moves super effective against it.
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Considered one of the toughest Pokemon in terms of defense and HP, combined with the fact that his evolution line is not really that hard to find. Exeggutor is one of the Pokemon commonly found defending Gyms.

Tips and strategies

Common moveset

Fast move Charge move
Zen Headbutt Solar Beam
  • The combination of Zen Headbutt and Solar Beam is considered the best moveset for Exeggutors attacking Gyms.
Fast move Charge move
Confusion Solar Beam
  • This combination of Confusion and Solar Beam is the optimal moveset for Exeggutor defending Gyms.

Recommended attack types


Tyranitar's dual Rock/Dark typing leaves him with a lot of weaknesses, namely Flying, Fire, Bug, Ghost, Dark, Poison and Ice. Use these types of attacks to gain an advantage during battle. Bug is especially effective, since it is a double weakness for Exeggutor, a Pokemon with Megahorn would deal exceedingly large damage to Exeggutor.

Choosing Pokemon

Choosing Bug-type Pokemon which are resistant to Grass and Psychic-types is recommended as these are the types of attack exeggutor primarily use. Additionally Bug-type deals the most damage to Exeggutor. Alternatively, you can choose a strong Fire-type pokemon to fight Exeggutor, so that you resist his best charged attack Solar Beam, while also dealing super effective damage.

Recommended Pokemon


  • Can learn Megahorn which is a double weakness for Exeggutor.
  • Neutral against all of Exeggutor's attacks.
  • Above average attack stat.


  • Great attack stat and defense stat.
  • It is recommended to dodge since Pinsir is lacking HP.
  • Bug-type attacks are double super effective against Exeggutor.


  • Basically a weaker pinsir with a little more HP.
  • Scyther has a double resistance against Grass-type attacks like Solar Beam.


  • Very easy to obtain.
  • Flying-types are resistant to Grass-type attacks.
  • Flying-type attacks are super effective against Exeggutor.


  • Flying-types are resistant to Grass-type attacks.
  • Flying-type attacks are super effective against Exeggutor.
  • Crobat is weak against Psychic-type attacks so you still need to dodge.


  • Great attack stat.
  • Resistant to Grass-type attacks.
  • Fire is super effective against Exeggutor.


  • Basically Flareon, with better HP but weak attack and defense stats.


  • Resistant against all of Exeggutor's attacks.
  • Outstanding Defense stat.
  • Flying-type attacks are super effective against Exeggutor.


  • Great attack stat.
  • Double resistance against Grass-type attacks.
  • Both Fire and Flying type attacks are effective against Exeggutor.


  • Oustanding overall stats that rival even Legendary Pokemon.
  • Double resistance against Grass-type attacks.
  • Flying-type attacks are super effective against Exeggutor.


  • Outstanding attack stat.
  • Resistant against all of Exeggutor's attacks
  • Bug-type attacks are double super effective against Exeggutor

Stats and other information

Base stats

Type effectiveness


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I would think that Scyther would be the ultimate pokemon to take out Exeggutor. The combination of being a bug and flying pokemon, both resistant to grass types, while using bug and dark attacks, which are super effective against grass and psychic types respectively, means that you're giving increased damage while receiving very little. Other good pokemon would be a high level Butterfree (bug/flying) that only had bug attacks, Pinser with bug attacks and Parasect has already been mentioned. Do you see a theme here, go with the bug.
Parasect is fantastic for beating Exeggutor as long as it has two bug attacks. Bug is very effective against both psychic and grass (meaning double attack bonus), while bug/grass typing makes it resist psychic and double resist grass attacks. I have a maxed Parasect at about 1,350 and it can easily defeat Exeggutors over 2,200 with some good dodging.
<< Anonymous(Papercut)
GameA1 Reply
Very good note. Thank you so much!
Pidgeot? Oh no, I have a lot.
Exeggutor is truly one of the tough Pokemon to defeat.
I use Arcanine. It's cool to beat Exeggutor. What Pokemon do you use?
<< Anonymous(Exeggutor)
fairiemagic Reply
I've been having a very hard time with these.....gonna try my arcanine now to try to take these guys out...thanks for the post!
<< Anonymous(Exeggutor)
GameA Reply
Dear fairiemagic,
Thank you for your comment! We are very happy to be able to help you. We keep posting various articles!

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