The best moveset ranking for Gyarados

Here are the best moveset ranking for Gyarados. The ranking is based on Gyarados' attack and max CP, and the moves' DPS, EPS, and required Energy.
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update 20/09/2016

This page was updated on August 20.

How to see the charts

Gyarados uses moves such as Steel Wing, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse and Hyper Beam. This page shows the best moveset ranking for Dragonite to help a player select an individual to power up base on the moveset. The ranking is based on total attack performance. To see what is the total attack performance, the evaluation criteria, and how to see the charts, tap the link below.

Gyarados' best moveset

Gyarados×Bite×Hydro Pump

Dragonite Water Flying
Hydro PumpWater

Gyarados×Dragon Breath×Hydro Pump

Dragonite Water Flying
Dragon BreathDragon
Hydro PumpWater

Gyarados lost Dragon Breath due to the update on 8/20!

Now Gyarados may not beat Dragonite easily since it has only Bite for fast move. The most recent update take Dragon Breath away Dragon Breath away from Gyarados. For the details of the Pokemon Go update, tap the link below.

Best moveset to beat Dragonite

Since Gyarados can use dragon-type moves, it is considered as the best one to fight against Dragonite. To beat Dragonite, Dragon Breath and Dragon Pulse are the best moves for Gyarados.

Fast move Charge move
Dragon Breath Dragon Pulse

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