Best Pokemon to beat Muk

Here are how to fight against Muk, the best Pokemon to beat it, and the best moves super effective against it.
update 20/09/2016

How to beat Muk

This page shows the strategies to successfully beat Muk considering Muk's possiible movesets. To see the details of Muk, such as evolution chart, where to find, and stats, tap the name of the Pokemon.

Muk's stats

Defense188Max CP2603

Super effective moves

Muk is weak to moves of the types below. For the list of moves by type, tap the name of type.


Best Pokemon to beat Muk

1. Golem

Muk's movesets

Fast move Charge move
Poison Jab Dark Pulse
Acid Dark Pulse


When the Muk's moveset is a combination of a poison-type move and a dark-type move, Golem is one of the best Pokemon to beat Muk. While the Muk's poison-type fast move is not very effective against the ground-type Pokemon, Golem's ground-type moves can damage Muk effectively. Note that Golem cannot decrease the damage of Dark Pulse.

Golem's stats

Defense198Max CP2303

Best moveset

Golem can learn ground type moves, Mud Shot and Earthquake, for fast move and charge move.

Fast move Charge move
Mud Shot Earthquake

Other options

Other ground-type Pokemon can do good job for fighting against Muk as well as Golem. To beat Muk successfully, make them learn ground-type moves for both fast and charge moves.

2. Alakazam

Muk's movesets

The optimal moveset for Muk as an attacker is considered the combination of Poison Jab and Gunk Shot, and that for Muk as a defender is Acid and Sludge Wave. Therefore, a player may see the Muk with one of these two movesets more often than that with other movesets.


In case the moves Muk use are all poison-type, Alakazam is one of the most powerful Pokemon to fight against it. While decreasing the damage of poison-type moves, Alakazam can attack Muk with psychic-type moves which Muk is weak to.

Alakazam's stats

Defense152Max CP1814

Best moveset

The combination of Psycho Cut and Psychic is the best moveset for Alakzam to beat Muk. Psycho Cut is better than Confusion based on DPS and EPS and considered as one of the most powerful fast move.

Fast move Charge move
Psycho Cut Psychic

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