[Video] Charizard fights against Dragonite

A 1456 CP Charizard is counterd by a 2318 CP Dragonite in a video. Here are the video and the description.
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update 19/08/2016

Charizard vs Dragonite

A 2318 CP Dragonite defends a gym from a 1456 CP Charizard in a video (2:50 - 3:30). Here are the details of those Pokemon, the video, and the description.

Attacker: 1456 CP Charizard

To see the details of Charizard, such as the stats and the evolution chart, tap the name of the Pokemon.

Fast move Charge move
Wing Attack Flamethrower


Instead of Flamethrower, Dragon Claw is recommended as a charge move for Charizard to beat Dragonite. The move is super effective against dragon-type Pokemon.

Defender: 2318 CP Dragonite

Fast move Charge move
Steel Wing Hyper Beam

To see the details of Dragonite, such as the stats and the evolution chart, tap the name of the Pokemon.



The Dragonite's fast move, Steel Wing, is not very effective against the fire-type Pokemon, but the move damages the Charizard much due to the Dragonite's higher CP.

The Charizard's fast move, Wing Attack, cannot decrease the HP of the Dragonite since the Charizard has very lower CP.


Once the energy bar is filled, the Charizard uses Flamothrowe, but the special attack is not very effective against the Dragonite.


As a counterattack, the Dragonite shoots Hyper Beam, a very powerful normal-type charge move. The Charizard fails to dodge the special move and falls down.


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