How to beat Vaporen with Jolteon

Even though Vaporen is weak to electric-type Pokemon and moves, Jolteon is said not to be able to defeat Jolteon.
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update 15/08/2016

Jolteon and Vaporen

Jolteon is considered to be the weakest one along Eevee's evolution. However, Vaporen can beat Vaporen by dodging attacks successfully.

1643 CP Vaporen

The Vaporen's CP is 1643 and HP is 94. Fast move is Thunder Shock, and charge move is Thunder.

Jolteon's moveset

Thunder Shock Thunder

2336 CP Vaporen

The Vaporen's CP is 2336 and HP is 198. Fast move is Water Gun, and charge move is Hydro Pump.

Vaporen's moveset

Water Gun Hydro Pump

Jolteon beats Vaporen

Jolteon beats Vaporen successfully

Even though the HP of Joteon is lower than that of Vaporen, it defeats Vaporen by dodging attacks to save HP. Jolteon's charge move, Thunder, is super effective against Vaporen, so using charge move many times is the best way.


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