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update 23/07/2016

Starmie - where to find / habitat and analysis

Starmie Evaluation

Evaluation 8.5/10
Rarity B
type1 Water
type2 Psychic

The effectiveness of each type on Starmie


Where to find Starmie/habitat

Wild Found on waterside
Evolution evolves from Staryu

List of moves

Basic attacks

Name Type Power
Quick Attack Normal 10
Water Gun Water 6

Now Starmie use Tacke instead of Quick Attack. For the details of the update, tap the link below.

Note: Starmie lost Quick Attack due to the recent update (8/20)!

Now Starmie use Tackle instead of Quick Attack. For the details of the update, tap the link below

Fast moves ( Before )
Water GunQuick Attack
Fast moves ( After )
Water GunTackle

Special attacks

Name Type Power Energy
Hydro Pump Water 90 Gage1
Power Gem Rock 40 Gage3
Psybeam Psychic 40 Gage4

Starmie Evolution chart

Pokemon Needed to evolve
50 Candy to Starmie

Commens and feedback


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