Pokemon Go Tips: When your bag is full

You can have up to 350 items in your bag. This page shows what happens and hot to make space when your bag is full.
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update 23/08/2016

Item storage in Pokemon Go

▲ Your bag is full.

In Pokemon Go, you can have up to 350 items in your bag. If you have been playing the app since it was launched, many items may have been stocked, and your bag is about to get full.

What happens when bag is full in Pokemon Go?

When there is no room for additional items in your bag, you cannot receive items from PokeStops and only gain XP. Since you do not want to miss rare items, you should make your bag available for having items by discarding or using items in your bag, or purchasing bag upgrade at the in-app shop.

You can do:

  • Getting rid of unnecessary items held
  • Using items in your bag
  • Getting bag upgrade at the in-app shop

How to discard items

1. Open your bag

Tap the icon named 'ITEMS'.

2. See how many items you have

You can see how many items you have currently and the number of items you can have (held items / the limit of the total amount of space). If you want to remove several items, tap the garbage-can shaped icon.

3. Select the number of items to be disposed

▲ Discard Pokeball?

The displayed number shows the number of the item you will release. To change the amount, tap plus & minus button. Once you decide the quantity, tap 'YES'.

Example: The screenshots above shows that 35 Pokeballs will be removed from the bag.

4. Use items as much as you can before releasing

You should use items before removing them. For example, if your Pokemon get injured, you use Potion and Revive items to heal HP of those Pokemon to make space in your bag.

5. Purchasing Bag Upgrade

If you have enough PokeCoins, you can purchase Bag Upgrade at the in-app shop. It increase the max quantity of items you can stock by 50. That means, once you purchased it, you can have up to 400 items.

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