Where to get Lure Module & How to use

This page notes what is Lure Module, how to use it, and where to get it.
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update 23/08/2016

What is Lure Module

Attracting Pokemon to Pokestops

Lure Module is used to find and capture more wild Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Once Lure Module is installed in Pokestops, it attracts wild Pokemon to Pokestops. The effect lasts 30 minutes and can be shared with other Pokemon Go players.

How to use

Locating Lure Module in Pokestops

Lure Module is activate by being put at a PokeStop. While the effect is continuing, the PokeStop is surrounded by pink leaves and attracts Pokemon to itself.

What do grean leaves mean?

You may have seen not only pink flowers from PokeStops but also green leaves. That appears randomly on the map indicating a point you can find wild Pokemon.

Where to get Lure Module

Purchasable in the shop

Lure Module can be exchanged for certain amount of Pokecoins at in-app shop.

Lure Module & Pokecoins

Quantity Cost
Lure Module
Lure Module ×1
100 Pokecoins
Lure Module
Lure Module ×8
680 Pokecoins

Level up rewards

You can get Lure Module as reward for leveling up. Once your trainer level is at certain level, you can obtain Lure Module for free.

Lure Module & Trainer level

Quantity Trainer Level
Lure Module
Lure Module ×1
Levle 8
Lure Module
Lure Module ×1
Level 10
Lure Module
Lure Module ×2
Levle 15
Lure Module
Lure Module ×1
Level 20
Lure Module
Lure Module ×1
Level 25
Lure Module
Lure Module ×3
Level 30

Tweet postings

Never delete it! Lure Module is a kind of rare item.

My lure module brings all the trainers to the yard

All the Pokemon Go players can share the effect of Lure Module which is used by someone. Therefore, people get together around of you if you activated Lure Module.

Someone come pop up with a lure module at my work, I would greatly appreciate it

You do not have to use Lure Module yourself. You can benefit from the effect of Lure Module which someone put in.

Tried to use my lure module and I accidentally deleted it. I hate today

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