Pokeball Aimer helps a trainer throw a Pokeball

A Pokeball misses a wild Pokemon? If so, Pokeball Aimer helps you throw a Pokeball to capture a wild Pokemon successfully.
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update 23/08/2016

Pokeball Aimer

iPhone case-shaped tool

Some players may not be able to throw a Pokeball well and waste Pokeballs. By throwing Pokeballs many times, a player acquires skill for throwing. However, by using Pokeball Aimer, a player can save time for practicing to throw and avoid wasting Pokeballs.

Pokeball Aimer is used by being equipped with iPhone 6/6s and make a player accurately swipe to throw a Pokeball. Your Pokeball do not miss a wild Pokemon.

A player can use items and turn on/off AR mode while Pokeball Aimer is equipped with iPhone. It is a useful tool for players to prepare for encountering a wild Pokemon.

The data of Pokeball Aimer for 3D printer can be downloaded for free. Since many of players do not have the printer, it is purchasable from the link above.

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