Pokemon tracking tools shut down: How can we find Pokemon now?

PokeVision, the map used for tracking wild Pokemon, and other same type of tools are closed suddenly. This page shows why that happened and hot to track Pokemon now.
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update 23/08/2016

What is PokeVision?

PokeVision is a map tool used for tracking wild Pokemon around of you. It was developed by a third-party, and has been getting popular since the service is launched. However, now you cannot use it. PokeVision, PokeWhere, and other tools shut down suddenly.

Once visiting PokeVision page, the message 'Our service are currently unavailable' is displayed. The developer of the tool posted tweet about that problem as the following.

Hey guys. We wish we had some news for you At this moment, we are respecting Niantic and Nintendo's wishes. Will keep you guys posted <3


Guys I just tracked a dewgong and Pikachu with no steps and no pokevision.. I must be a god.. because it's apparently impossible.. l2p..

I think that was the stupidest idea of all time to shut #Pokevision #pokevisiongo by #NianticLabs, 1st resolve ur own server @NianticLabs

so wait, does this mean Pokevision is no longer operational as well?

Why that happened?

On the Forbes' interview to John Hanke, Niantech CEO, he addressed the map tools for tracking wild Pokemon. He does not want players to use such tracking tools and he argues developers of those tools violate contract.

F: How do you feel about Poké Radar and things that tap into the code and show where Pokémon are spawning?
JH: Yeah, I don’t really like that. Not a fan.

We have priorities right now but they might find in the future that those things may not work. People are only hurting themselves because it takes some fun out of the game. People are hacking around trying to take data out of our system and that’s against our terms of service.

How to find wild Pokemon now?

On Twitter, PokeVision and PokeWhere developers said their service just discontinues currently and they fix the problem.

For all asking, yes it will work everywhere once the update is out

@Inmaniac I promise you 100% we kept it up as long as reasonably possible. Maybe things will change in the next few days - let's hope.

In Japan, the tool, P-GO SEARCH is still available.

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There is no wild Mewtwo and Mew spawns
Thank you for all the time you took doing this :)
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