5 things you should do when getting tired of Pokemon Go.

Some players have already gotten bored or tired of playing Pokemon Go. Here are 5 things you should do when Pokemon Go is boring.
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update 14/08/2016

Look back Pokemon Go adventure

A player can see the journal which shows items obtained from PokeStops, captured Pokemon, and the date. The page below shows how to see the journal of Pokemon Go.

Change avatar's outfit

Avatar's outfit can be customized anytime. You can customize the color of the skin, hair, and eyes, hat, tops, bottoms, shoes, and bags. The following page shows how to change your avatar's outfit in Pokemon Go.

Change a nickname

Now players can change their nickname after the recent update. If you do not like your current nickname, renaming it may make the app fun again. The following pages shows the details of how to change a nickname.

Invert the colors

If you get bored of watching the map view, you may want to change the colors of Pokemon Go. You can invert the colors of Pokemon Go from the iphone setting. The link below shows how to invert the colors of Pokemon Go.

Delete Pokemon Go account

Some of players have already deleted their Pokemon Go account and remove the app from their phone. The page below explains how to delete your Pokemon Go account in detail.

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