Candy & Stardust

How to Raise CP
This page notes what CP is, how to raise CP, and how to check CP of an individual Pokemon.
What does your Eevee evolve into?
One of the reason it attracts Pokemon Go players is that Eevee has 3 different form of evolutions: Vaporen, Flareon, and Jolteo...
Tips for Hatching Eggs in Pokemon Go
This article note how to hatch eggs faster and list of Pokemon you can get by hatching eggs.
Tips for using Stardust & Candy in Pokemon Go
This page is about tips for using Stardust & Candy to power up and evolve Pokemon, and where to find them.


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hey GameA1 would flamethower be good against lapras?
i recon Mcharizard
Nidoking is now outclassed by lots of things for both defending and attacking.
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