What does your Eevee evolve into?

One of the reason it attracts Pokemon Go players is that Eevee has 3 different form of evolutions: Vaporen, Flareon, and Jolteon. To complete PokeDex, you want to get them all.
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update 23/08/2016

Everyone loves Eevee!

Eevee, one of Pokemon which you can capture in Pokemon Go, is everyone's favorite. There is a bunch of tweet postings about Eevee. I would like to introduce some of those.

Eevee was hanging out in my bath


You sometimes catch Eevee while taking a bath.

Eevee ❤


Eevee needs 25 Candies to evolve into your choice of Pokemon: Jolteron, Vaporen, and Flareon.

U know us rural boys be grindin eevee candy


As you already know, each Pokemon (Eevee) has different CP.

How to choose what your Eevee evolves to?

Eevee Evolution Chart

Your Eevee usually evolves into Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolteon randomly. However, you can select what your Eevee evolve into by simply renaming them before using Candies. Here is a chart showing the name and the evolution.

Eevee Evolution Chart

Name Evolution
Rainer Vaporeon
Flareon Pyro
Jolteon Sparky

Note: Renaming Eevee to select its evolution only works one time for each evolution.

Some videos on Youtube also shows how to rename Eevee and make it evolve into player's choice.



1. Renaming 'Rainer'

If you need Vaporeon, rename your Eevee as 'Rainer'. When renaming, you do not need to care about capitalization.

2. Evolving Your Eevee Using 25 Candies

Once you renamed your Eevee and checked 25 or more candies you have, tap 'EVOLVE'.

3. Observing What Happens

Once you tap 'EVOLVE', Eevee start to change his form.
I like his fluffy tail. Cute.
Eevee is in this shining ball.
Yes! Vaporeon appeared!
Now you got Vaporeon, and it is registered to PokeDex. If you need Flareon or Jolteon, simply repeat these steps above rather than naming Rainer.

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