[Video] Lapras beats Dragonite

1516 CP Lapras defeats 1988 CP Dragonite. Here are the video shows the battle between Lapras and Dragonite and the description of it.
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update 18/08/2016

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Lapras vs Dragonite

The 1516 CP Lapras defeats the 1988 CP Dragonite in the video(4:05~4:46). Here are the video and the description.

Attacker: 1516 CP Lapras

The CP of the attacker, Lapras, is 1516. Its fast move is Frost Breath and charge move is Blizzard.

Fast move Charge move
Frost Breath Blizzard

Defender: 1988 CP Dragonite

The CP of the defender, Dragonite, is 1988. Its fast move is Dragon Breath and charge move is Dragon Claw.

Fast move Charge move
Dragon Breath Dragon Claw



Lapras uses Frost Breath, an ice-type fast move, and the move is super effective against the defender, Dragonite.


Dragonite's fast move is Dragon Breath. Lapras tries to dodge the attacks frequently.


The Lapras keeps the advantage over the Dragonite due to the relationship of the types.


When the required energy is charged, the Lapras uses Blizzard, an ice-type charge move. The move is super effective and damages the defender much.


The Dragonite uses Dragon Claw, a dragon-type charge move, two times. The first attack is dodged and the second hits the Lapras.


The Lapras survives two Dragon Claws and beats the Dragonite by Frost Breath finally.

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