[Video] Golduck and Vaporeon beats Snorlax

Golduck and Vaporen defeats Snorlax. Here are the video shows the battle the description of it.
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update 19/08/2016

Golduck & Vaporeon vs Snorlax

Goldcuk and a Vaporeon defeats a Snorlax defending a gym in the video (0:10 - 1:10). Here are the video and the description.

Attackers: 1043 CP Golduck and 954 CP Vaporeon

Here are the attackers, Golduck and Vaporeon, and their fast moves and charge moves. Tap the name of the Pokemon or the move to see the details of it.

Pokemon Fast move Charge move
Water Gun Psychic
Water Gun Hydro Pump

Defender: 1225CP Snorlax

The CP of the defender, Snorlax, is 1225. Its fast move is Body Slam and charge move is Hyper Beam.

Fast move Charge move
Body Slam Hyper Beam



The first attacker, Golduck, uses Water Gun.


On the other hand, the defender, Snorlax. uses Body Slam. Due to the Snorlax's high CP, the normal-type fast move damages the attacker a lot.


The Golduck gets the required energy and uses Psychic, a psychic-type charge move. However, the move cannot severely damages the defender.


Snorlax uses charge move, Hyper Beam as well. it greatly damages the Golduck and defeats the first attacker.


Since the Golduck gets fainted, the Vaporeon comes to the field as a second attacker. It shoots Water Gun continuously and rapidly.


Because of Water Gun's higher EPS (energy per second), the required energy is easily charged. The Vaporeon uses Hydro Pump.


The Snorlax is mortally wounded but survives. It puts forth all its strength and uses Hyper Beam.
However the Snorlax falls over before Hyper Beam hits the defender. Even though the Golduck is defeated, the Vaporen finally beats the powerful defender.


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