[Video] Charizard and Vaporen beats 1599 CP Snorlax

A Charizard & 2 Vaporens beat a 1599CP Snorlax, which use 'Lick' and 'Earthquake'.
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update 19/08/2016

1599 CP Snorlax at the level 9 gym

1599 CP Snorlax works as a defender at the level 9 gym. It is the 9th defender. It use Lick as a fast move and Earthquake as a charge move. In the video below, a Charizard and 2 Vaporens beat the Snorlax.



1. The Carizard used 'Fire Blast'

The Charizard beat some of the defenders and has been damaged. However, the energy bar have gotten full, and the Charizard used a charge move, Fire Blast.

2. Snorlax's charge move 'Earthquake'

After using the charge move, the active Charizard is switched to a Vaporen to avoide getting it fainted. Vaporen used Water Gun, and the rival Snorlax used Earthquake.

3. The Vaporen used 'Water Pulse'

After the Snorlax used Earthquake, the Vaporen used [Water Pulse](/c/n28ko3pg).

4. Earthquake and Water Pulse again

The Snorlax used Earthquake again, and Vaporen used the 2nd Water Pulse. Due to the charge move, the HP of Vaporen got lowered significantly. Since the player do not want the Vaporen to be fainted, the active one is switched to the another Vaporen.

5. The higher CP Vaporen finishes the Snorlax off

The Snorlax has used Earthquake three times in the battle. The Vapore has higher CP than the last one, and its charge move is Aqua Tail.

Finally, the Vaporen's Water Gun finishes the gym battle.

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