The 10 Pokemon you should power up

Here are 10 Pokemon recommended to power up as priority. Also best movesets for them are noted.
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update 23/08/2016

1. Dragonite

In Pokemon Go, Dragonite is a precious Pokemon because it is dragon-type Pokmeon. There are only 1st generation Pokemon, so no steel- or fairy- type Pokemon is in Pokemon GO. That means there is only ice-type Pokemon which has type effectiveness against to dragon-type Pokemon.

Additionally, Dragonite has higher CP compared with other species and is expected as the most powerful Pokemon.

Best moveset

Fast move: Dragon Breath
Charge move: Dragon Claw

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2. Snorlax

Snorlax has higher HP and CP and normal-type Pokemon, which only fighting-type is super effective against to.

Its charge move, Body Slam, gets the power decreased due to the recent update. However, it is still higher DPS along the charge moves.

Best moveset

Fast move: Zen Headbutt
Charge move: Body Slam

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3. Vaporen

Vaporen can works very well even in the beginning because Eevee is easy to find & capture and to evolve with not many candies. Additionally, Vaporen has higher HP and CP, and only water-type.

Vaporen's fast move, Water Gun, and charge move, Hydro Pump, match with Vaporen's type. So those moves get the power increased as STAB.

Best movest

Fast move: Water Gun
Charge move: Hydro Pump

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4. Slowbro

Slowbro is a Pokemon which water-type moves are not effective against to and which can use psychic-type moves getting its power increased due to STAB.

Compared with Alakazam, another psychic-type Pokemon, Slowbro has higher CP. Therefore, its charge move, Psychic, can damage rival Pokemon much. Additionally, Psychic is super effective against to poison- and fighting- type Pokemon.

Best moveset

Fast move:
Charge move: Psychic

5. Lapras

Lapras has higher CP relative to other ice-type species. It has excellent stats and can use powerful ice-type moves with STAB. Therefore, Lapras is one of the best Pokemon for fighting against to Dragonite.

For fast move, Ice Shard is better than Frost Breath based on DPS. For charge move, Blizzard is the best.

Best moveset

Fast move: Ice Shard
Charge move: Blizzard

6. Venusaur

Venusaur have higher CP and can use grass-type moves, which are super effective against to powerful water-type Pokemon represented by Vaporen. For fast move, Vine Whip is better than Razor Leaf based on DPS. For charge move, Solar Beam is the best due to higher power and DPS.

Best moveset

Fast move: Vine Whip
Charge move: Solar Beam

7. Charizard

Charizard have multiple tipes, fire and flying, and so ground-type move is not super effective against to Charizard. For fast move, Wing Attack has higher DPS than Ember. For charge move, Fire Blast is recommended.

There are a few steel-type Pokemon which fire-type moves are supper effective against to. However, Charizard can fight against to grass- or bug- type Pokemon very well.

Best moveset

Fast move: Wing Attack
Charge move: Fire Blast

8. Blastoise

Balstois can use Water Gun, the fast move famous for its higher DPS, and increase the power of the move by STAB. Even though Hydro Pump is recommended for a charge move, it cal learn other charge moves, such as Flash Cannon and Ice Beam.

Best moveset

Fast move: Water Gun
Charge move: Hydro Pump

9. Exeggutor

Exeggutor can use grass-type moves, super effective against to Vaporen, and psychic-type moves. It also has higher CP.

Zen Headbutt is better than Confusion based on DPS. Solar Beam has higher power and DPS and it is the best for a charge move.

Best moveset

Fast move: Zen Headbutt
Charge move: Solar Beam

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10. Golem

Although Golem have ground- and rock- type, which have many weaknesses, but can learn moves work very well. Mud Shot is a higher DPS move along with the other fast moves. Stone Edge, a rock-type charge move, is super effective against to flying-type Pokemon which use flying-type moves super effective against to Golem.

Best moveset

Fast move: Mud Shot
Charge move: Stone Edge

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