[Video] A 1985 CP Dragonite beats a 2128 CP Dragonite

1985 CP Dragonite vs 2128 CP Dragonite in a gym battle. Which one did win?
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update 19/08/2016

Challenging the gym with CP 1985 Dragonite

In the video below, the player visited the gym defended by CP 2128 Dragonite. To beat the Dragonite, he put his CP 1985 Dragonite at the head of the team.

Dragonite vs Dragonite



1. the battle starts!

Can the Dragonite beat the higher CP Dragonite?

2. Fast move is 'Steel Wing'

The fast move of the Dragonite is Steel Wing. It is not ideal for fighting against a dragon-type Pokemon. Dragon Breath is better because the move is super effective against a dragon-type Pokemon.

3. The rival Dragonite use 'Dragon Breath'

On the other hand, the higher CP Dragonite can use 'Dragon Breath', which is super effective against to a dragon-type Pokemon.

4. The Dragonite's energy bar is full

The Dragonite charged required energy to use special move.

5. Charge move 'Dragon Claw'

Special attack of the lower CP Dragonite is 'Dragon Claw'. It is super effective against to the rival Dragonite.

6. The rival Dragonite use 'Dragon Pulse'

The higher CP Dragonite used 'Dragon Pulse' as charge move. However, it was dodged.

7. The lower CP Dragonite won a battle.

The HP of the rival Dragonite is pretty low. The player's Dragonite used 'Dragon Claw' again and it beat the rival. Good Job!

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